The Wall

The wall concept is very much an allegory of fear. Fear of what’s driving a collective and rampant attitude not just in the US but globally as well. Fear of what is not familiar, what is not like, distrust of face values that we used to trust in -- hope, promise, good will and faith in human nature. We have stripped our innate feelings in exchange for the screen’s rapid reflex of self-sufficing sound bites. We beg to differ. The locked into comfort zones isolate us, promoting worry and anxiety. Reflections upon our own misfires and hoping a better future for all, those not able and for ourselves as well, can only bring the focus around. It's only a positive world if you believe it to be. Strength in numbers.

Fires, Earthquakes & Tsunamis - A Planets Terrorism

Our planet is benign to human advancements and has some objections that we should certainly pay heed to. Humans are at peril. Earth will survive. It has through many convolutions and transformations. Action must be done contrary to economic disposition. Clear cutting of rain forests, human garbage, elimination of fossil fuels and reduction in consumption of foods that starve the ecosystem rather than replenish are a start. We must have a relationship with our planet and as of lately we have become divorced.

Neural Landscape

Shelving the sadness and life’s expectations, you stack upon the shelves which there are many. They have become quite full. Do I dare remove the miseries, fears and discontent off the shelves, box them up and drop them off at the Goodwill before anyone has a chance to open the box unleashing the swirling maelstrom dervish like the opening of the Covenant of the Ark in movie lore? Or do I keep my miseries on the shelf like prized trophies, badges of shame meriting incompatibility, disregard for others and most of all self hatred, the highest disregard. I’d like to have no shelves to shelter these feelings but placing them over there is better than inside of here.


The Gatekeepers are everywhere. They deny us or let us proceed. Your matter is under review and we will contact you within 40 business hours. Check here if you are not a robot. Tell us what you read here to let us know that you are indeed you. Having taken plenty of psychedelics I still can’t seem to decipher the blurry cursive w’s and p’s or is that an 8 or a g? You are in the wrong line. You need to get in the appointment line that is longer thus voiding your pre-ordained appointment. On the internet pressing save and continue does nothing to further the process outside of pounding on enter with expletives. At the market your debit card is refused for no apparent reason other than to hold up the line behind you. The ATM machine swallows your card and the bank is closed.


When all your invitations are refused and conclusions turn insane
you request that that there is someone to speak to but no one’s there to take names.
You understand that it’s all up to you, your self is to blame,
a look in the mirror only hears the roar of remains
that you must puzzle together to make something
of what you could never put together before.


Don’t we all want the same thing --- food, drink, shelter, financial stability, health. Yet there are divisions, political parties that act like teams competing for the same goal rather than behaving like congregations promoting faith in the human spirit and soul. A rich nation such as ours can attempt to provide for all and could welcome those that flee oppression. Compassion and sacrifice can only make us whole again.